Show off some of your favorite revolvers!


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Apr 29, 2020
Yeah, she is good people and always handles that situation appropriately. and often. If she used her name here, you would recognize her from many forums. Great taste in firearms, great collection and great person.


Apr 14, 2021
This is one of my favorites. I'm putting a new stock on it today.


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Jun 19, 2021
I'm not very deep in revolvers.

Just a few. The bug never hit me that hard....or at least hasn't yet. Nothing like the want for pistols.

A pair of 44mag Rugers, .38spcl 442, 686 (no pics), 610 and a 460S&W.

My stainless S&W guns each have the ridiculous infernal internal lock. I'll need to remove & plug them before I ever carry them.

The one that has been used the a huge the little Airweight 442. I've worn out a couple pocket holsters with it riding in them....either as a back up or as a gym-shorts primary. It doesn't get much saddle time now that the P365 arrived. That pocketable-9 simply covers much more ground for me.....better trigger, sights, fast reloads (12rd & 15rd), more consistent when I grip & draw, etc.

It's still a great gun for the car/truck console on some travels.



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May 19, 2021
Dub, I hear you about that damn lock, iys ugly, unnecessary and well just un-American but dont worry about carrying with the lock present. If it were possible to have it lock up from use Ida done it by now. Maybe when they first came out with the things but not now my friend. If recoil could induce movement of it that 500 would have locked up tight as a bank vault but it hasnt.
Not my 500 either, it's my brothers gun. Hes a big boy and shoots that thing like I shoot 9mm. He will be the first person to crack an X frame I'd wager.
Having said that, I know many people still have that hang up about those locks, I dont any longer. Do I seek lock guns out to buy? No I do not. I dont like them but I'll buy one if it has a gun that I like on it. Do I prefer the originals? Yes I do, most assuredly I do. I just feel that overall the quality was better and I myself am a craftsman who makes things with my hands so I feel more connected to those guns. There is very few hands on those new ones.

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