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    Marcus Redwolf wrote on Babboonbobo's profile.

The BUL 1911 is one of the best made 1911s on the market. Outstanding value for the money with one of the best triggers on the planet. I have 4.. The .45 ACP. - 9 X 23 WIN. .38 Super EDC 5" Double Stack Magazine and a 9MMPara .. Bul3Bul5Bul4Bul9mm Visit http://gparms.com
Mike D
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    Mike D wrote on snap1's profile.

Again, is this still for sale?
Mike A1
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    Mike A1 wrote on Ravenbear's profile.

Welcome @Ravenbear Cool Avatar :)
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    PanHandlerFL wrote on Hurryin' Hoosier's profile.

Welcome Hoosier! Great people here and glad you decided to join! Been to 3 Indy 500's and first ever Brickyard (bucket list stuff before I knew what a bucket list was).