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Some fella mentioned something about "paying to be on the forum"? I don't mind contributing a little something to keep this forum up and running. I just have never seen anything asking ..
Well folks...my dream 1911's are now a reality!
Imagine a 1911 in .357, not .355 caliber.
Now imagine this cartridge performing equally or superior to the 357 Magnum...
Now imagine it as high capacity as a regular 9mm...
There you have it!
A 1911 in 357 Ring Of Fire caliber, with 9+1 in your pistol.
Got pics? Need to see this
I found it and checked it out. Sounds kind of cool as I like firearms that are a little “off” so to speak but I’ll stick with my Coonan 357mag 1911ish pistol
Retired from the Duracell/Gillette battery world in 1999. Started back in 1911,s (4) 45 acp (1) 9 mm & (1) 22. Love to reload and fine tune 1911 pistols. Live on Georgia / Florida line.