Show off some of your favorite revolvers!


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Jan 29, 2019
NE Texas
My #1&2 Favorites
Dad got me this 4 screw S frame 44 mag Sn in low 80's, I also have his 5 screw 44, I bagged many deer with this, it has many miles on it even carried on a stake out 1 time. I still have the piece box of KTW ammo that was banned I had with this, KTW's are Teflon coated AP with tungeston penetrators and worked better than the Norma AP did.

The S&W 66 2-1/2" no dash was my issued duty gun given to me with my initials in it on other side when we changed to auto pistols, grips hand made by Del Vandiver in 1970's Traced to my own hand. This 66 is a handful with factory 357's. We had to qualify with them, those who got them, we shot 2 times with factory wad and full house ammo. Lots of rounds through it.

I do not own nor plan to own any with a lock on them I will post a few more in a couple of days Smiths and Colts. None of the people I shoot with that have Smiths with the lock and do not think they would buy one either, I would like a 329PD but will not get one honestly.
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