Dan Wesson PM-C .45 - Fail after 6 rounds


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Jul 31, 2018
I had similar problems w/ my brand new Les Baer Concept VI last month. The gun totally locked up after 20 rounds, couldn't budge the slide. I contacted Les Baer and sent the gun back. It was returned in less than 2 weeks, including shipping. They needed to rework the slide and frame, obviously a little too tight. Things happen, and things go wrong. But I was extremely pleased w/ how Customer Service resolved the problem and got the gun back to me. When something goes wrong, it is CS's opportunity to show how a great company solves problems, I was very impressed.

I had similar problems w/ a Dan Wesson Bruin 2 years ago. A friend and I bought 2 Bruins at the same time in order to negotiate a good price from my local shop. My gun kept locking up on the first day, but my friend's Bruin ran fine. We exchanged mags and ammo to try to identify the problem, but no go on my gun. I had to send it back to DW twice and they kept the gun for 3 months saying there was no problem, it was me. The second time they said it was the magazine, which it wasn't since I swapped mags w/ my buddy when the problem first occurred). They kept the gun for 3 months, saying nothing was wrong.

Compare that w/ my experience at Les Baer. I'll never buy another DW gun, under any circumstance. The Bruin shoots fine now, but why did I have to fight w/ them for 3 months? As I said earlier, things happen and things go wrong, but I judge the company on how they resolve problems. I give Les Baer an A for CS, and an F goes to Dan Wesson.


Oct 16, 2018
Unfortunately these problems are all to often. I had to return my RO Champion for FTF. They said they had to throat and ramp it again and polish things up. How about all those details before you ship them out? No fun shipping firearms back and forth. Three days to get! Wasted crummy range day! Time and cost to ship it! Wait for its return! Go back to pick it up! Hope like all heck they actually fixed the problem. Luckily they did and the baby has been burping fine ever since! No firearm should require a breaking in period. Glock is a prime example of that.

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