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Jun 9, 2018
been shooting for years and I am still amazed with what I learn on the range each session

took the opportunity afte r hand surgery to work to correct minor issues I had before the surgery. stance was tweaked a bit--but I was not comfortable( tried the tactical stance instea d of my usual modified isosceles ). it felt unstable to I am back to my usual stance

worked HARD on my grip--gripping tight with both hands really stabilized my grip and the results were amazing on the range.

worke d on trigger finger position a bit....need more time to get it just right each time

very satisfied with my progress until......

I shot my SA Range officer Operator(9mm) recently and most shots went low. this is a CUSTOMIZED GUN AND IT SHOOTS GREAT. very ACCURATE( EVEN MY LOW HITS WERE GROUPED TIGHT @21-40 FEET)

so..I accepted the challenge and worked hard,paying very close attention to trigger finger position and used a very slow trigger pull....viola!!!! huge improvement by being sure I placed my trigger finger in the exact middle of the flat trigger and being sure my pull was straight back with each shot.

so proud of my achievements so far. never shot this well. I am sur eit will get better a s my hand heals... time will tell
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thanks @oldgunner-43. I will do some reading today

thanks for your service as well

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