1. Master Gunworks

    ** Happy 4th of July Shooting Drill *** Enjoy!

    # 67 100 round Practice Drill Clint Smith Stage One/5 or 7 yards: Warm up drills/Focus on Accuracy Load 3 magazines with 10 rounds each From the holster, draw and fire 10 sighted pairs. Focus on accuracy. (20 rnds) From the ready position: „« Strong hand only, fire 5 singles. Focus...
  2. B

    still learning

    been shooting for years and I am still amazed with what I learn on the range each session took the opportunity afte r hand surgery to work to correct minor issues I had before the surgery. stance was tweaked a bit--but I was not comfortable( tried the tactical stance instea d of my...
  3. Burk Cornelius

    3-Gun Shooting Carts

    Let's talk shooting carts. I've seen everything from bone stock jogging baby strollers to lawn carts from Lowes. What do you use and how do you have it set up? Pictures will get extra credit There are some decent threads on Enos but BoomerShooter needs our own. This is what I have to start from
  4. robot

    My first USPSA Open match

    Was really fun and could have placed much higher if it's not for my stupid FTEs! Getting the gun fixed now. Love making the transition from Revolver to Open! :D