DW Guardian ETF need help


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
" have your feed ramp throated and polished. That should cure your feeding problems.."
If you can find a good 1911 gunsmith, that should do it.

I agree that you seem to have an issue with the shape of the front of the bullets you're using & your barrel.
Shortening the OAL may help, as you tried..but as mentioned, can cause other problems.
A good throat polishing ( & make a little altering) would solve your issues.

options are to switch bullets to a different shape (ogive) or have barrel throated to reliably feed the bullets you are using

I too have a DW Guardian in 9mm, have not had the issue you mentioned.
I shoot only my hand loads, using cast, polymer coated, FMJ's, & JHP's w/o any issues.
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Jan 29, 2019
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Try contacting a top rank gunsmith that specializes in 1911’s and have your feed ramp throated and polished. That should cure your feeding problems.
A deeper lead it what it is called to allow for your bullet style and if you can assemble a round without primer and powder and sent it with barrel as a gage. You can legally mail that. I would just change bullet styles or try if a safe load to a shorter OAL

I can get you a smith that specializes in this and understands exactly what you need very fast turn around also

Brad Skinner

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Oct 2, 2018
Thanks for your replys - no mailing of gun parts between Canada and USA , can get some small stuff thru Brownells but not barrels ,slides etc. I am working on a new load different round nose bullet 1.1 oal for this week ,will trial and error this one till I get it .

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