An interesting / unusual range day on Monday..


Mar 21, 2014
I suppose my most unusual range day started when I pulled up to the locked gate to find a car parked right in front of it with the driver standing outside reading the sign with the range rules.

I parked beside him (his car blocked the gate) and approached him. He asked if the range was open to the public. I told him that it was only open to members and their guests but that membership was open to the public.

He introduced himself and mentioned that he was a state Trooper. I felt that was sufficient enough vetting for our extremely brief acquaintance and invited him to shoot as my guest.

I was there to simply confirm that my 300 yard zero hadn't drifted as deer season was about to open and to bring a friend who's family duty was to zero the hunting rifles of his father-in-law, grandfather-in-law and uncle-in-law, none of them could be bothered to shoot their rifles unless a deer was in front of them, as well as confirm zero on his own rifle.

We settled in at the long range bench with target birms at 100, 200, 300 & 500 yards.

I confirmed mine at 300 with three shots in the ten ring. My buddy was just as quick with his own (he still is the most accurate shooter I know) and went on to the other guns. Our new acquaintance was having trouble finding the paper with his at 100. We moved the target back to 50 yards before he started making holes and with some adjustments to scope and mounts followed by a little coaching, he was able to consistently hit the black and 100 yards.

At which point he was either satisfied or embarrassed by his performance, he thanked me for the hospitality and went on his way.


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
An update :
We had a Men's breakfast last Sat. and Trevor ( the guy who asked me to help set up the range visit that started this thread) was present.
Trevor asked me if I'd help him put together another range trip..with the same guys + 4 or 5 "new ones".
He informed me these weren't all International students, some were US citizens that wanted to have a range experience.

No idea of their level of firearm experience, I believe Trevor stated they had none. Another opportunity to show some young people
that firearm owners are "normal" people, and that using firearms responsibly can be fun. We can exercise a right we have in the U.S..A. that those living in other countries are unable to exercise or experience. It's my hope to impress on them the importance of being able to keep our Constitutional given rights by supporting those who stand strong on the 2nd Amendment. This is in addition to my/ our emphasis on firearm safety, as well as following range rules.
Trevor's supposed to get back with me on a possible date. Hopefully the weather will accommodate both indoor & outdoor sessions.


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Oct 9, 2018
Hope all goes well, and safe! Will be a day the new guys will never forget, in a positive way!

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