An interesting / unusual range day on Monday..


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Apr 23, 2020
Rochester Hills, Mi
trying to find the best forum to post this in, decided it closest fit here : a report on my last range trip.. as below:

Monday was a beautiful sunny day in my area of S.E. Mi..I'd agreed to help a new minister(Trevor) that has started a "His House" ministry @ nearby
Oakland University. His House is a Christian ministry serving young people that are seeking help or support in their walk with God.
As I'm a Christian, I decided I should help Trevor, when he asked if I could facilitate an outing to go shoot rifles & pistols @ my Gun club with a group of international students @ O.U. I agreed to help, so met Trevor with 3 young men, 1 from Morocco, 1 from Nepal, and 1 from Serbia..(he was the only one who'd fired a gun before, once shot a relative's full-auto AK-47). Others had no firearm experience @ all.

It was a blast watching the smiles & laughs from them all as our day progressed. I provided a lot of instruction, observation & direction for their
activities. I shot very little, spending my time demonstrating how to load mags, insert mags, work actions, engage & disengage safeties, properly aim,
& shoot...after 1st having a lengthy discussion on firearm safety. We spent about 2 hrs. on talking, answering questions, getting demonstrations on
gun handling, some info on different ammo types,..rimfire vs centerfire, etc.

They then got to take turns shooting a Ruger 22 semi auto pistol, a Ruger Security Six revolver(.357) shooting light 38 Spec. target loads, and .38 Spec.
std.velocity loads for a comparison.They also shot an XDS in 9mm for some more semi-auto experience. Pistol shooting was done @ 7 yds.

They then moved back to 50 ft. line, & shot a single shot bolt action.22, a Marlin semi auto .22 rifle, a S&W 15-22 ( a AR-15 copy that shoots 22 rimfire) ,
and a Heavy barrel Savage bolt action .22.. (my tack driver). All were impressed with it's accuracy.

After a cold water drink break, we moved to the 25 yd. outdoor range, for a little more challenge with the .22 rifles, and also to try a centerfire rifle,
which happened to be a S&W M&P -15, (.223) they could "get their Rambo on"..

They also got to shoot the Ruger revolver outdoors, but this time I told them I was going to surprise them & add a .357 mag round into the cylinder,
to see if they could tell the difference when it was fired. That was good for a smile and laugh by them all. No one had an issue being able to distinguish which round was the .357, when it was fired.

Can't remember when I made a 5 hr.+ long range trip, shot so little, yet had so much fun.
The O.U. students were taking pics & shooting videos of each other shooting with their phones, so they could share their experiences.
It was a great day. Made me appreciate the freedom we still have in America, that isn't available in other parts of the world.

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