1. Burk Cornelius

    IPSC Shotgun World Championship 2012 - Debrecen Hungary

    The IPSC Shotgun World Championship 2012 started yesterday and has some of the biggest names in shotgunning, including several BoomerShooters. Trapr Swanson Kurt Miller Pat Kelley Jerry Miculek Kay Miculek Lena Miculek Jansen Jones Craig Outzen Hunter Elliott Ty Gentry 442 total competitors...
  2. J

    New member

    Hi I thought I had already joined this forum, but I did it again-is there another Oklahoma shooters forum? Anyway, I think Oklahoma is God's gift to shooters everywhere, keep our Second Amendment Rights in place! I am friend with Mike Cyrus, Jesse Tischauer, and I worship at the altar of Kurt...
  3. marshallluton

    Boomer Shooter Discount at TDSA is 20%

    Hello shooters! Just wanted to let everybody know that Jesse, Brandon and I have spoken recently and all of us here at TDSA appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this forum. We want to support all of you in any way we can and that is why we are going to offer a 20% discount to all...
  4. Oleg Tolmachev

    12 g Saiga for 3 Gun?

    Any thoughts on Saiga for 3 Gun? I know that most people here are Benelli fans. However, wouldn't a detachable mag give a huge advantage in a 3 gun competition? Any known issues with Saiga shotguns?