1. Babboonbobo

    Why are these stories NEVER in the news?

    Well we all know why and it’s just disgusting!
  2. B

    1990 Browning A-Bolt Medallion 30-06

    I have a 1990 Browning A-Bolt Medallion chambered in 30-06 for sale and/or trade. I am only the second owner and it has only been fired to harvest 3 deer since 1990. It has a Vortex Optic on top. I have the original paper work and box. The firearm is in perfect condition. I will also throw in 80...
  3. J


  4. marshallluton

    Boomer Shooter Discount at TDSA is 20%

    Hello shooters! Just wanted to let everybody know that Jesse, Brandon and I have spoken recently and all of us here at TDSA appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this forum. We want to support all of you in any way we can and that is why we are going to offer a 20% discount to all...
  5. joshappel

    USSA Multi Gun Match 01/22/2012

    First one of the new year! It will be 6 stages of rifle/pistol awesomeness. Round count will be 120-150 rifle and 50-75 pistol. There will be a rimfire division in this one, meaning rimfire rifle. Max yardage will be 110 yards. We will be utilizing the shoot house, 360, and 4 of the 60 yard...
  6. DamonRufener

    Long Range Precision Rifle/Sniper course

    December 9-11 At the Rockcastle Shooting Center $400 This course will cover hard refinement of the fundamentals of long range precision shooting & set the stage to take you beyond them. Course will cover but is not limited to: Day 1 (class room) Gun set up/adjustment gear, equip, optics...
  7. marshallluton

    Custom Remington 700 in .308 for sale

    Hello mates, I've got a rifle I'd like to sell. It's a custom made Remington 700 with a Hart, fluted barrel, jewel trigger, bi-pod, McMillan stock, cheek rest, muzzle compensator and Night Force Scope Rings. Paid $3000 for it (without any scope rings) and have never shot it. Yeah, I know...
  8. aestus

    Sold/Expired Loki Complete Upper Group Buy

    Hey everybody, it's time for another Loki group buy! This time it's for their complete uppers. I will be posting this on multiple boards and will be keeping track of the total numbers separately. Group buy info. Any 16" barrel model chambered in 5.56 in any configuration - 20% discount...