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  1. dennishoddy

    Alpha Foxtrot 1911 Issues

    Sounds like a firearm company that I would never do business with.
  2. dennishoddy

    Help needed.......

    The fishing lure link is interesting. I have tons of my grandpa's lures. Some well over 50 years old.
  3. dennishoddy

    Help needed.......

    Enbloc's being the key to the caliber.
  4. dennishoddy

    One step at a time until they are all gone.

    It's unlikely that the suit from the nuns will go anywhere. Bruen will stop it in its tracks.
  5. dennishoddy

    The enemy within.

    A demoncrap lawmaker recently made a comment that Trump must be eliminated. Dog whistle to a liberal idiot to take a shot at Trump? It appears so even though he walked it back the next day. A Democrat congressman is walking back a comment he made against former President Trump over the...
  6. dennishoddy

    Under $1000.00

    I have several friends that use thermals for nighttime hog hunting, one of which is an ex special operator. ATN doesn't get very good reviews from them for whatever reason. I know nothing about them other than reading reviews and getting reviews from friends as a caveat.
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    The Myth of Gaza’s Innocent Civilians.

    The Palestinians voted to put Hamas in power. You get what you voted for. We are seeing the same voting mistakes in the USA currently.
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    One step at a time until they are all gone.

    The Company is relocating to Georgia. The draconian gun laws, labor unions, and high taxation forced Remington to make the decision to move from a 200 year old facility that was getting increasingly hard to maintain and stay within safety guidelines. The brand is still going to be around, with...
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    Some .22 LR Fun Today

    I have that same rifle hanging from a nail in the sling swivel in the barn for quick work on varmints. Actually, bought three of them when Gibsons went out of business and were selling them for $50 each. Gave two of them for Christmas presents to friends. 3X9 Tasco scope on it that cost more...
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    New Guy in South Carolina

    Welcome from North Central Oklahoma!
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    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Wife and I have been doing the family dinner for 33 years at our home. This year niece and her husband decided it was time to take the lead. They did a wonderful job. Full bellies all around.
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    This TRANSPARENT ENGINE is Fascinating (How Engines Work) - Smarter Every Day 292

    That was an interesting build. Very cool. I remember back in the 70’s when you could buy a “Visible V8”. It was completely plastic but operated with a hand crank on the flywheel so one could see the pistons and valves work. Some folks would hook up a small sewing machine motor to turn it.
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    Never Shoot To Kill In A Self Defense Situation?

    That’s called the three S’S. Shoot, shovel, and shut up.
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    Welcome from North Central Oklahoma!
  15. dennishoddy

    bagged a all original ww1 1914 colt this am OL WARHORSE

    Nice score there! One doesn’t find a pistol with that much history behind it very often.
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    Revolver Grips

    Most of the early S&W revolver grips had the assembler's initials under the grips written in pencil and the date assembled. I have one .38 special manufactured in 1928 according to the date under the grip. To date nobody including the S&W forum folks and S&W themselves can identify the exact...
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    Welcome to 1911 Fanatics from North Central Oklahoma.
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    Revolver Grips

    Several places for custom grips on the interwebs. That should get you started.
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    Any pepper heads here?

    We don't live in NM, but do get some that are shipped to Oklahoma that we buy and have roasted.