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Aug 21, 2019
North Mississippi
Hello all...

I developed an interest in handguns when I was about 16 by reading the prominent handgun magazines of the day but always thought the 1911 was old news, even though there was nearly always an article about one. Yep, I was convinced that double action autos were the way to go if an auto was your thing, but knew that revolvers still ruled the day.

My first center fire duty size auto was a Taurus PT 92 that I bought from a good friend after I first started in law enforcement... but those "little" bullets just didn't impress me at the time so I got a S&W 645, and later on, a Glock 21... although, I never carried the Glock on security holsters at the time and it having no external thumb type safety... as we frequently got into scuffles and I didn't want a perp being able to just pull the trigger and shoot it if I were to lose it in a fight... which was one reason I switched to an auto from my trusty revolver to start with... all that's changed now... but, on with the story...
I just didn't have any use for an old style single action auto... until the day I actually held one !

I was on duty back in 1992 and a deputy had a Colt 1991 A1 in his holster... I ask to see it and it impressed me when I held it... he said he had one like it for sale and I bought it the next day... I was hooked for sure after I shot it.
Later, I got a first series Kimber, then another, and another...etc... dang things are addictive... lol.

I became a Police Firearms Instructor and even though my first love was a K frame S&W, the 1911 came next and then, naturally, Glocks ... being in law enforcement.

I used that first Colt when working patrol, then narcotics, and later on, the Kimber. I really got into the 1911 and used that Kimber, with the help of "1911Tuner" from out in North Carolina, to learn just what made them tick. I eventually added some stag grips and carried it as Chief of Police in a small town... later on, I got her a polished blue finish... yep, she's special. Even shot my best ever group with her using some handloaded ammo... 3 rds at 25 yds into 3/4 inch and 3 rds at 50 yds into 1 1/4 inch two handed, standing, unsupported... yep, the universe was all aligned that afternoon... lol.

Anyway, that's a condensed intro as to how I got into 1911s ... I Look forward to reading and sharing when I can... 1WP


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Jun 8, 2018
NW Ohio
Welcome from NW Ohio and that’s a great introduction! Thank you for your police work! I live and respect our police, you do a very tough job and just know there are more that appreciate you than don’t:)