Win a Kryptek Invictus Truck!


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Feb 16, 2018
So CarbonTV is giving away a 2019 Chevy truck that has been customized by Kryptek - calling the truck Invictus.
$100k+ Chevy truck after it's all said and done.

You can enter daily to win by watching their video, and signing up with a CarbonTV account.
If you'd like to enter, you may go to the sweepstakes here.

Who is CarbonTV? They are a FREE streaming all things outdoor platform. They have iOS and Android apps, work on Roku and FireTV, and from your computer (my favorite way to watch).

Some of their shows include outdoor weekly - recap of funny or newsworthy things not seen on the main stream media outlets.

I'm not a hunter, but I know a few of you are. they have this Crush cam going that has a feeder for deer....some of it's funny.
You can see the crush came here

Here's a funny clip from the crush cam
View attachment v.2019.7.22 _ A Doecephus Moment.mp4
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