Weapon lights?


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Jun 19, 2021
Excellent choices. Both of those items are built like brick sheethouses.

Thank you.

That's what I was hoping for....durability, reliability, ergonomics and ready for abuse.

I am "red-dot ignorant" and want to make the move.

I have one for a hunting pistol, G40 MOS.....but want to get one for a a gun that I'll train with...practice with....and ultimately carry.

I've spoken to a local guy who runs group & 1:1 training. I do believe I'm going to hook up with him on the following in the months ahead:

* handgun-focus on basics of stance, grip, draw & etc. That'll take a couple sessions with work in between. Seems basic....but with some irregularities of craptastic knees & right shoulder....it'd be good to work with a pro to adhere to best practices for me.

* AR-specific session or two.

*handgun-focus solely on acclimating on red dot.

Tactical Rico

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Aug 9, 2018
just a few words on my experience with "acquiring the dot".................
My experience is learning your grip vs natural point of aim.
In other words you have to make sure your grip provides a natural point of aim. Practice getting the same grip "everytime" so that you When your grip is right you will have the sights aligned already. iI you have co-witness sights, the dot will be in the window.