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Nov 5, 2018
Fellow Fanatics this is really a special gun. It was built by Tim Bacus who is a phenomenal gunsmith and IDPA shooter. As far as I know Tim hasn't actively been building guns since the early 2000's but he's still a top competitive shooter. This gun was part of Tim's personal collection and has been shot very little. The gun will be accompanied by a build sheet from Tim. This is perhaps the sweetest custom 1911 I have ever owned or shot. It's an old school custom build from a great gunsmith and shooter that understands how a quality gun should look, feel and shoot.

Here are the build specs:
  • Springfield Armory 1911-A1
  • Match Grade Stainless Barrel.
  • Maryland Gun Works (MGW) Stainless Bushing.
  • One Piece Wilson Combat Guide Rod.
  • STI Trigger - Fit trigger components, 2.25lb trigger pull weight.
  • STI Sear.
  • Ed Brown Hammer.
  • Ed Brown Thumb Saftey.
  • Wilson Extractor.
  • Heinie Straight Eight Sights.
  • Wilson Combat Gold Bead Front Sight.
  • McCormick Beavertail.
  • Craig Spegal Grips.
  • Slide to frame fit.
  • Sanded flats to remove ripples from roll-marks.
  • Machined slide to fit Heinie sights.
  • Custom Fit barrel and bushing.
  • Machined frame for beavertail grip safety.
  • Beveled magazine well.
  • Re-cut checkering on mainspring housing.
  • Machined front-strap for high-grip and checker 30 lpi.
  • Serrated rear of slide 30 lpi.
  • Black-T finish, applied by W. E. Birdsong.
  • Barrel, bushing and guide-rod left in stainless.
Asking $1,900
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Nov 5, 2018
I live in Virginia and have been collecting 1911’s for about 15 years. Mostly Wilson’s, Nighthawk’s and Ed Brown’s. I found out about the Fanatics site through the Addicts site. Tim Bacus also lives in Virginia and this gun was acquired directly from Tim.

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