Dan Wesson thumbs up for the PM series


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Jun 9, 2018
been a bit remiss since I starte d shooting again . Had bought a DW PM7 last year and loved it. Bought a PM 9( which I have wanted for years) just before the hand surgery. Finally aired those 2 out today. hand were sore and even with t hat against me, shot lights out @21-30 feet once I adjusted the rear sight.

they shoot so well. so much fun and are so beautiful to look at, they are the best guns DW makes IMHO. now I feel guilty it took so long to get them to the range. Won't happen again :)
I don't know about the PM-7, but I'll admit that my Wife's PM-9 is both pretty AND a fine shooter. It's that gun that started my DW addiction.

I don't know if either of the two are the best DW makes, since all 6 of ours are equally excellent. I'm hoping this latest one will be as good for me as the PM-9 has been for the Wife as an action games platform.20180630_173401.jpg
sweet silverback@liggett. I prefer my PM9 over the other 2 . to me these are the best they make. The Bruin was a nice surprise though

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