The Wait Is Killing Me

Sneaky One

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Apr 1, 2018
I had no problem at all waiting the 14 weeks that my GI was being built. I never call and ask about progress. I don't want any smith rushing my build. But, when I get the call that the build is complete and waiting to ship I become really anxious. It will ship Monday and be at my FFL Wednesday. It seems like an eternity.
I will go to the indoor range in the morning to help get my fix. Tomorrow I am taking a GI no name commander in 45 acp, a Wilson ULC in 45 acp, and a G23 in 40 s&w. I had converted the glock to sig 357 and love the round. So I put the 40 barrel back in to use up some ammo. Then it will remain a 357. I hope this range therapy helps !

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