Was feeling a bit morose.... sometimes happens. Went to an indoor range in Carmel Indiana... shot for 1 hour... therapeutic session accomplished... feel much better! Shot a 1992 (Springfield) Mil spec 1911a1, 150 rounds... perfect, no jams. Then a gen 2 glock 17 purchased in Germany in 1992, 200 rounds, perfect.
Anyone else get a therapeutic intervention lately?
I live in Kommiefornia. I need the therapeutic benefits more than most. And there is a nice range nearby which is open until 8pm every day. When the libs (not hard to find around here) ask me why I need my guns, I describe it as "my therapy". It's a riff on their "my truth" nonsense that I have to wade through all the time. Those two words "my" and "therapy"...it's all I need. I get to shoot my 1911, my Glock 17 and my cowboy guns with a big smile on my face and they get to scratch their heads wondering what the hell just happened.

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