SW1911 Pro Series Compact


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Mar 10, 2019
Smith and Wesson Pro Series 1911
Scandium alloy
4.5-5 pound trigger
8+1 9mm
Butter smooth action
3” group at 20 yards (I’m not a “professional”)
Super grippy grip (lol)
Minor fit and finish issues- slide contacts the top of the hammer when cycling
Doesn’t seem to be wearing properly
You’d think good quality holsters would be plentiful but they’re not really
On the to-do list;
Send it to S&W for a dehorning/feed ramp polish, trigger work and suss out the hammer fitment and wear issues.
Score; 9/10
If you squeeze the hell out of this gun when shooting, it’s one of the softest shooters I have ever used. It’s heavier than a Shield but it carries just as good. Nice and firm safety and mag release, very positive action. Depending on how S&W treats me when I send it in (will be the first ever gun I’ve sent in to a manufacturer, for anything), if all goes according to plan, I’d have a very, very hard time figuring out why I couldn’t give this gun a 10/10. It shoots better than my shield & I love shooting my shield. The shield is a great gun. I have to give the shield an 8.5/10. Not much I can figure you can do to improve upon other than minor trigger work & sights. Does the SW1911 blow it out of the water, no, hard to do that. But it is a better gun in every way except weight.

Targets; Black and Red target is the first mag out of the gun at 7yds
Next target; red and green circle are 15 & 20 yards, blue is 25 yards one handed.


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Mar 10, 2019
I had no idea they made these in 9mm
I do Executive Protection and qualified with a 9mm. I wanted something I could open carry in a nice leather holster so the client knows we’re armed and a nice compact size for when I’m in public that I can quickly switch to an IWB. I have the full size e series in stainless, which I bought as a birthday present to myself and eventually as a hand me down to my kid. I’m kind of wishing I could find this Pro Series in a full size for duty work. It’s so smooth out of the box. I really love everything about it. The added weight over a shield really isn’t a big deal. Couple days of carrying it and I don’t even notice it anymore.


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Feb 20, 2019
I bought a full size Pro Series 1911 9MM last year. Major mistake. I couldn't hit a 12" target at 25 yards consistently from a BENCH REST! I showed it to my gunsmith and he said the barrel was not locking up, the bushing was very loose and the Safety was barely engaging. It has gone back to S&W 3 times now. They did work on the safety. It works but you have to make sure you firmly push it up. Not like any of my other 1911s. They replaced the bushing and barrel on the 2nd and 3rd time I sent it back. It is better but I can still out shoot it with my Springfield Target Elite and Colt Gold Cup from a standing position.
I like S&W but out of the last 6 I bought 4 had to go back right out of the box. I'm not that picky but when I pay $1200.00 for a Performance Center 686 I expect the cylinder to index when I pull the trigger, the laser shouldn't fall apart on a .380 Body Guard, and the rear sight on a regular 686 should not be sitting at an angle because of a huge burr in the sight slot. Not a very good track record for S&W.


Nov 6, 2018

I've had one of these in .45 for almost 5 years. I'm not sure of the with differences between the 9mm and mine, but I have plenty of holsters for mine. Cheap Kydex and expensive exotics are available for it. For IWB, it's in a Sparks Versa Max. For OWB, it's in a DM Bullard croc. When I purchased mine, I bought 6 recoil springs from S&W and they are very inexpensive. Mine has NEVER given me one issue and is quite a tack driver at 10 yards, which is my preferred distance for practice. I use Tripp mags and Fed HST and it feeds 'em all day long. Yes, the fit and finish could be better, but mine has functioned perfectly with over 4,000 rounds.


Jun 4, 2019
Yes, as far as S&W guns these days, im not sure. I bought a PD329 scandium 4" 44 mag about two years ago and it misfired every 4 th try or so. Then the cyl release screw, rear sight mounting screw, and front sight pin kept coming loose. Ut at least their service is ideal, very accomadating and when i got it back in about a week and a half, all was fixed except that front sight pin moving to the right from bbl twist upon firing. I can live with just ONE thing on the gun to keep my eye on. They replaced the yoke, firing pin. Strange tho, for a brand new gun?
I wanted a lightweigh Elmer Kieth that i could hunt AND carry of i wanted, and it with a smaller grip i found, will do that.

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