Sold/Expired STI Pre-Order Sale Thread Including New Models and Changes


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Jun 5, 2018
Finksburg, MD
STI is making lot's of changes to their current line up. Some models are no longer available and others are getting some nice improvements such as DLC coating including the barrel at no extra charge, and HOST option.

New builds are taking +/- 90 days. so we will be offering long layaway/payment plans that will go the duration of the build time or longer if needed.

I'm going to provide a list of current models, STI is working on updating their website with new info and pictures. This list will have MAP/MSRP pricing.

We've had lot's of interest in the Tactical and Tactical HOST. Of our initial 8 gun order of those pistols we have 1 Tactical available.

Batch #2 on order.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to put down a deposit on any of the below models. -Dan

All Fanatic discount pricing will be through PM, email, or over the phone.

1) DVC Omni 4.15" Island Barrel 9MM / 45 Black DLC $3999
2) DVC Carry 3.9" Bull Barrel (only comes with rail now) 9MM/ 45 DLC $2999
3) DVC Carry 3.9" Bull Barrel.. HOST new option 9MM/ 45 DLC $3399
4) DVC Limited 5.0" Island barrel 9MM/ 40cal Hard Chrome/ DLC $3199
5) DVC Open 5.0" TX2 barrel 9MM/ 38 Super Hard Chrome/ DLC $3999
6) DVC Steel 4.15" TX1 barrel 9MM Hard Chrome/ DLC $3999
7) Tactical 4.15" Bull Barrel ( This is the new upgraded Tactical DS. Treebark grip, tactical slim magwell) 9MM/ 45 DLC $1999
8) Tactical HOST 4.15" Bull Barrel (Same as above with HOST option) 9MM/ 45 DLC $2499
9) Costa Carry Comp 4.15" Carry Comp Barrel 9MM/ 45 DLC $3799
10) DVC 3G 5.4" Bull Barrel 9MM DLC w/ Ti-Ni or DLC Barrel $2999
11) Edge 5.0" Bull Barrel 9MM/ 40cal DLC $1999