Sold/Expired STI Hawk 9MM with Protector Package - Only One Ever Made


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Nov 5, 2018
This STI Hawk 5.0 is the only one ever produced with the Protector Package. This gun was built completely in-house by the STI Custom Shop for Shot Show 2018. As a showcase piece this gun was never shot or demoed. What makes this Hawk different is the following:

1. Tri cut slide top. All other Hawks have a traditional round slide top. This Hawk's slide has a tri-cut to make it lighter, faster and easier to conceal.

2. Diamond Like Carbon “DLC” finish. All other Hawks are finished in a black cerakote.

3. The barrel, bushing and all small parts are also finished in “DLC” for complete “Blackout” look

4. Night sights. Most other Hawks came standard with a fiber optic front sight.

5. Grip – This Hawk had a slightly narrower grip with tree bark treatment and no magwell for better conceal-ability and superior grip in a variety of conditions.

6. Serrations – The serrations on this Hawk are unique to the Protector package. Other Hawk’s have traditional front and rear serrations. This Hawk has front carry cuts and slightly more aggressive rear serrations.

7. High cut under trigger guard for improved grip.

9. Short trigger. All other Hawk's have a medium trigger

10. STI Custom Shop trigger tune - this trigger is set to a crisp 2.75 lbs. for the sweetest trigger break I've ever felt on any gun.

Asking $2,499 paid via PayPal "Friends & Family". Shipping and full insurance to your FFL included.


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