Sold/Expired **SPF** Two-tone Series 70 Colt Competition .45 - Excellent!



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Jun 8, 2018
Had no intention of selling this pistol, only putting it up because I'm buying another 1911 and need to cover some of the cost.

This is a two-tone Colt S70 Competition that I bought new last summer. The two-tone versions were a limited run and are hard to find. The gun is in excellent condition, fit and finish are very good. The only time I've shot it is in two action pistol matches, maybe 250-275 rounds of 230gr FMJ total, won Single Stack both times. I have had zero functional issues with it, it is accurate, fast shooting, and has a very clean 4lb trigger. I haven't even had it apart yet, I like to run my new guns dirty with lots of lube for a while before breaking them down. There is a tiny hint of holster wear at the front corners of the slide.

It is original except for one of the new Stan Chen SI MSH/magwells, the fit is nearly perfect, an Ed Brown oversize mag release, and some grip tape. It will have the VZ grips you see in the pics on it. The original mag release and MSH and grips will be included in the box with all of the paperwork, original mags etc.. If I can find them I'll put the original slotted grip screws back on otherwise it'll come with the hex head screws as in the pics.

SPF $950 shipped FedEx overnight from me to your FFL. Your dealer must accept shipments from individuals. Not interested in any trades.


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