Sold/Expired SOLD WTT Colt LW Officer w/Wilson SDS System


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Jun 8, 2018
High Grasslands of Northern Arizona
Fairly rare.

Hate to do this, but with the arthritis in my hands I have sold off all of my 45acp guns (this is the last one) and moving to 9mm.

This was a $2200 build on customer supplied gun, back in the mid '90s.

* tapered bell barrel. The bell is part of the barrel.
* checkered front strap
* beavertail grip safety
* full length guide rod
* late model Nighthawk tactical thumb safety
* late model Nighthawk slide stop
* front night sight (very dim)
* black Fusion U-notch rear sight
* Wilson aggressive starburst grips
* 2 Wilson mags
* nicely worn blued slide with a Cerakote gray frame.

Looking only at 9mm or possibly 38super in a 2011 or a well worn Wilson EDC X9.
I am only looking for straight trade of some money to me.


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