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Jun 8, 2018
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Sold elsewhere..........I'm going to put this one up for adoption. It's been great to be the caretaker of this fine specimen. I've had it out to the range twice and while it's a wonderful 1911 I find it's become a safe queen. This build was completed on a series 80 gun. The attention to detail has to be studied to be fully appreciated.
I'm providing a link to Jeremy's thread on the gun, there's a lot of great detail on it there. It's still in the same condition except for a minor bit of firing. I've never holstered it and it's always been well cared for.
With the exception of a small amout of firing, this one is just as it was when I received it.
If there's questions, please ask here or PM. I can take photos of it and send them via email. I will caution that my skills with a camera aren't very good anymore and my camera is just a little palm sized Canon.
$7500 plus actual shipping from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer via USPS.
My dealer won't ship to CA.

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