Smoked prime rib


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Jun 27, 2018
I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all and to be honest the keep it simple method has by far produced the best flavor IMHO and the 35 family members I cook for every Christmas :)

Trim all fat down to a thin layer, this allows it to melt ;)
Liberal coat of olive oil
Garlic salt
Sea or kosher salt
Ground pepper
All of the above “go heavy”
Wrap in seran wrap and place in refrigerator for 24-36 hours(this is key). all the seasonings will get pulled into the meat.

I usually pull the prime rib when it reaches 115-118 degrees then let it stand for 15 min, it will typically reach 125-128 degrees in that time.

This recipe will give you flavor deep into the meat and not just out at the bark/crust
Quote I found:
What I was taught was to salt and season the roast the night before and allow the roast to sit overnight uncovered under refrigeration. The salt draws out the moisture and then – only with time – it grabs the seasonings and infuses it back into the meat. (If you salt just before you roast, the same chemical reaction will happen, except the juices will be at the bottom of the pan, instead of in the roast where they belong.)

I’ll be prepping 4 eight pounders in the morning so they will be ready for Christmas dinner