SIG Freedom Days: Sun, Sand, and Lots and Lots of Guns



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Jul 20, 2021
Sig Sauer held their first SIG Freedom Days event May 6-8, 2022, at the Ben Avery Shooting Range on the north side of Phoenix, Arizona.

The sun was shining as roughly 4,000 attendees walked the sandy ground to shoot Sig Sauer handguns, rifles, and even their newest machine gun, the SIG LMG.

Mossberg also took part in SIG Freedom Days, highlighting Mossberg shotguns.

There was constant gunfire in the background as we walked from station to station at the event and the gunfire did not bother us. In fact, it was the sound of freedom. 1652146646813

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Mike A1

Mike A1

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Sep 18, 2018
Western North Carolina
Yes I know about the 320.
What happened to the P250 was it dropped from Sigs line?

I bought my P250 first year. A 10 shot 45acp it called to me & I bought one.
Being of sound mind, I bought this pistol with 6 Mags & went to the range.

FTF, FTF & everything in between I was not ready for the problems I encountered with this pistol.
It was not like a stock 1911 & it will not feed Hollow points. It was doing this with S&B 230 ball just out of the blue.

I don't want to drag you through the year of dealing with Sig to get this thing to run right.
Today after every part in the Chassis was replaced & they screwed me for another barrel $200.00 & I can't use it.

I have worked on guns for money since 1980 & have never seen a gun like this. I can see why Sig lost the large LE contract in Europe
with the P250. You can't find spares for this pistol then or now.

Anyone else have a P250 & had trouble with it? I did & it cost me a lot to get it fixed.

I would never by another Sig!

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