FOR SALE Sako L46 Riihimaki 222

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Jun 8, 2018
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I'm offering this nice Sako for adoption. It's a L46 Riihimaki in 222 and is all original including the Sako magazine. Included with this rifle is a Leupold target scope, target turrets, 16x with fine cross wires and what appears to my old eyes as much too small of a target dot mounted in Sako medium height rings. These are actual Sako rings, not some other brand with so-so fit. It also has a nice leather sling. The condition of this one shows some wear but is still pretty good for it's age. (probably very early 1960's)
My ffl will ship this to your ffl unless local sale is possible.
Payment accepted is USPS money order. Cash if face to face.
$1450 shipped or $1400 face to face where possible. This adoptable rifle is in sw Pennsylvania.
Thanks for looking.Sako left.JPG Sako right.JPG
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Mar 30, 2018
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Holy cow......wish I could justify this one.
A stunningly easy to deal with seller here folks. One of the most trusted Ive ever met.
Deal with confidence.