Problem with trading in a Kimber with a 5” barrel ?

Old Bill

Oct 20, 2018
Magazines are an absolute critical component...

Ammunition is next...

As I always repeat Run 500 rounds thru any weapon before you count on it..

If it runs perfectly on Ball carry Ball. If you cannot afford 1000 rounds of Megadeath Rounds to know it really works.. Carry what does.

You just want it to go bang when you need it..

I bought 100 some Stainless Chip McCormick Mags thru a jobber (you need some related business to buy wholesale)... Sold enough of them to offset my costs of keeping plenty low. As a secondary bonus I felt good getting some folks a good price on a premium mag.

If you are willing to tie up 3 some thousand bucks for a bit.. You might approach a local gun shop who you have been a good patron. Maybe offer him $100 to order you a case if you pay upfront..offer for him to keep a number of them at cost... It does not hurt to ask..