Practical or Not... Replacing Frame


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Jun 8, 2018
So, I have a WC Stealth. Love the weight and all, but honestly shoot guns with full sized Commander frames much better. Thought about selling it, and getting one, but was wondering if I could get a frame fit to the slide? Not sure if the fitting process would make fitting a new frame to the slide practical or not. I know almost anything can be done with enough $, but am looking at this as more of a practical way to solve an issue.

Any ideas from the more informed? I would love to have this gun with a full sized Commander light weight frame.
Interesting idea.

Are you thinking of a Wilson frame or another maker?

Honestly, whatever quality frame that would work.

Sell it and buy what you want.

I was hoping you would chime in on this. Unfortunately for me, the market for semi customs is a buyer's market. I will most likely hang on to it, save up some $ and get another 1911. I know, most of you are shocked, I mean, who "needs" another one... Perhaps in the future I can sell or trade it.