Feb 20, 2018
or take up...how much do you guys really want, like , or have in a trigger.

personally, I strive for a dimewidth...not always easy to achieve.
I never really thought about it that way. I just know what feels right.
Unless I’m confused, I thought “take up” was before the trigger break and “over travel” was after.

Aren’t they two separate deals? Are you asking about pre-travel or over-travel?

I could say a dime width of pre-travel would be acceptable. Really depends on the trigger and the sear. The trigger must have enough slack or pretravel to operate properly.

Over-travel, as I understand it, is the movement of the trigger to the rear, just after the sear has released the hammer. I by turning the screw until the point of when slowly lowering the hammer, I feel the sear nose just bump the half-cock notch. At this point unscrew it half a turn. I recheck that the half-cock notch does not strike the sear nose.

On a Harrison trigger with the “blind file to fit screw” all you can do is file it until the sear clears the half cove shelf. I then remove a bit more.
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