Nighthawk Drop In Modular Trigger


just one more thing on my list thanks lol,I would seemed to trust these guys with there combined knowledge.also just for kicks i wonder if there is any weight difference in the switch.And is this something that would cross over into my p220 SAO?

David D

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Costs about three times as much as a trigger job from a competent gunsmith.

I've used several of the cylinder and slide kits that cost half and they have all produced excellent results and are still functioning tens of thousands of rounds later.

Cool factor is way off the charts. Innovation is way off the charts. Cost is ridiculous. Nighthawk must be paying this guy one heckuva royalty.


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I can see value in a drop in unit such as this. Price wise it is steep but if you have a $700 1911 and want to make it a better shooter there is nothing like a 3 3/4 lb trigger. The trigger is why we keep buying 1911's and not every gunsmith is qualified to work on a 1911.


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That's a pretty steep number unless you have unlimited funds. Cool idea, just not in my budget, and probably never will be.

I have an Auto Ordnance 80 series, Thompson Custom that came with just about the worse trigger press. For less than $100 I now have a spacer and a Wilson Combat hammer and sear set that put the trigger at a consistent 4lbs. press. (give or take a few ounces). Much more cost effective.



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I am generalizing, but Nighthawk customers are likely close to indifference over $300. If one can spend $3,000 to $5,000 for a 1911 it is analogous to those that buy $10,000 timepieces when a highly functional substitute can be had for $60.00

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