New Nelson Weaver Top


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Sep 12, 2018
8CFD9CD2-0A5C-4A1E-B631-6C7ACF9DF39B.jpeg After I received my Nelson Conversion with iron sights I was extremely impressed and fairly quickly ordered a Weaver Top Conversion in May. It arrived today and I quickly looked at it and then put it on my dedicated frame for my conversions, a upgraded E-Series. Picked the Aimpoint Micro off my bench that has been waiting since May to get used and put that on.

I can't make it to the range today as we are going out of town to my oldest grandson's soccer game (priorities).

Can't wait to get to the range tomorrow and get it sighted in. Amazing how steady that little red dot is with a two handed hold and how unsteady it seems to be in a classic bullseye hold. Pretty excited to give it a try and with my hand surgery next week very glad that it came this week. I do plan on practicing left hand bullseye for a bit before I can get back to my normal right hand shooting.

Here she is.