New Addict here


Oct 2, 2018
Just signed up tonight, have been lurking for a while and enjoying the great forum questions and comments that have come to my email inbox occasionally. Have an old Norinco 1911 that was purchased way back when before clinton cut them off and have really enjoyed it. Recently purchased a Springfield Armory Mil Spec in stainless but have not gotten to shot it yet but will as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Live in a subdivision but in the county so shooting in the backyard is legal but the neighbors would not take to kindly to that so the option won't be exercised. Being a paraplegic due to an accident also presents a problem for shooting so my chances don't come around very often. Still enjoy it occasionally but really like rubbing on them every chance that comes around and keep one close by at all times.
Thanks for the opportunity to join this fine group and look forward to many exchanges of information and ideas.

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