My first Shirogorov plus my other blades!


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Let me start this one!!!

I have a few nice knives but no customs and this is my first “Wilson, GI, Nighthawk, EB, Baer” level knife
756773AF-D718-4566-A4A2-D93987F7DD74.jpeg A4E9D611-3355-4525-8C82-B45B84B9022B.jpeg 5F60E869-3D47-43A3-AF79-7AF79308DF87.jpeg FB9E8C05-81A2-41FE-862A-C97DE3394944.jpeg 7226CDD9-AE03-4C83-B0F8-4E5848624A6B.jpeg
I’ll put up pictures of my others when I can take some nicer photos of them. I have another knife on the way as of today also.


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I’ve added a few since this picture was taken.
Grayman Satu cfAD40C72B-F1E7-4E5E-9FFF-1C2410153420.jpeg
Pena Rhino9DA9220A-9C30-4916-86C2-D5BE1443D259.jpeg
FDE Benchmade 2750 Adamas auto69A76862-6B52-4DDE-A0FA-D112C8194EAF.jpeg
Olamic Wayfarer 2471118FA0C-124E-4F26-83B6-1A78BBB91D4F.jpeg

These are my scores from the last month or so:)


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Well I’ve reconfigured my knife collection and sold my Pena Rhino (just too small) and just picked up this Viper (3/4” longer) to see if it fits my hand better.

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