MEUSOC clone

I like it but I know doodly squat about it. I know what MEUSOC is and I know they ran 1911s for a while.

I see what looks like a Commander hammer and BTGS and different sights, but what other details makes it a MEUSOC build?
Just all the right parts to be a clone of what PWS used for the MEUSOC pistol.

Bar-Sto Barrel/Bushing
Videcki Trigger
Serrated MSH with lanyard loop
Commander Ring Hammer
Kings 201A Ambi Safety
Wilson #66 Grip Safety
Replica rear sight built by a machinist/member of ARFcom
Millett frony sight cut down from taller sight, shoots POI=POA
Last 4 of serial number stamped on correct parts

It’s nothing really special, just a clone of a Marine M45 workhorse
Thanks! I know there's lots of little details that make them what they are, I'm just not familiar enough to recognize what most of those details are.:D
I’m still learning about these. There was four variants and even a few hundred USMC serial prefix Springfield Pros

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