Media conglomerates who own gun forums


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Jun 25, 2018
southwest Wake County, NC
I've been at a match all day so not sure if this has already been covered.

I just read that Vertical scope, a Canadian media company recently bought Carbon Media which owns another 1911 forum most of us are familiar with, where I had recently bought a membership thinking I was supporting the community. I felt like somewhat of a moron when my paypal receipt said Carbon Media.

I used to mod another large regional gun forum until it was sold to a west coast media company owned buy a left leaning Toronto newspaper, a couple of years ago.

The guy who started GlockTalk twenty years ago is finally stepping down as an admin which is also owned by Carbon media. He said he's had enough.

I hate it when communities are bought and sold.
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Mar 30, 2018
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Yep......the peeps that own TOOS now own TOOOS.
I don't think Im at liberty to discuss the details of TOOOS and the new ownership. You would have to hit up Jelly at TOOOS.

Eric, the founder of GT sold it for a pretty penny a few years back. He's been at it since the late eighties, Im sure he's about done.