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Long Colt

Aug 16, 2018
Hey guys,

I usually don't do these new member threads, but here it goes anyways:

I've acquired a number of revolvers and automatics over the years. I like Colt single actions, Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers from the 1950's, the Browning Hi-Power, the Desert Eagle, the Python, most .44 magnums, accurate .22s like the S&W Model 41, Turnbull Rugers - in essence, fine quality handguns. I also have some Glocks, some modern S&W revolvers, a couple of collectible guns from WWII and a couple of junkers.

But for some reason (not inexplicable to any fanatic), the weapon that I have gravitated the most strongly to is the 1911 pattern pistol. My first was a Colt Series 70 Mark IV purchased new in 1976. I recall going through more than a couple sears and hammers as a youthful wanna-be gunsmith trying to figure out how to get a slick 3-pound trigger pull via trial-and-error. There was no internet and Kuhnhausen's books were still more than two decades away. An early Springfield Armory 1911-A1 also served as a platform for experimenting with any 1911 parts I could get my hands on.

Although I can fit a thumb safety, do a trigger job, install sights, etc., I am certainly no gunsmith - not even close. However, I truly admire and love looking at the work of the artistic craftsman who can both build up a custom quality 1911 with a tight, accurate fit and then finish it off with a mirror polish and attractive, creative cosmetic machining. My kind of stuff!

My modest 1911 collection includes a nice all-original 1924 Colt commercial Government Model, a Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail, the aforementioned Springer, from Les Baer a Premier II and an Ultimate Master, from Ed Brown two Executive Targets in .45 and 38 Super and a 9mm Special Forces, a Nighthawk Talon, and from Wilson Combat a Classic in 9mm and one of their Classic Supergrades. I shoot them all.

I've been handloading for many decades and I enjoy testing with a Ransom Rest to exploit inherent accuracy potential, especially in a 1911. I like ivory grips and fine exhibition grade hardwoods. I like shooting steel as well as targets that move (skeet, trap). I don't hunt much anymore. I'm an NRA Life Member and I like livin' in the USA. I think I may be a lot like a bunch of you guys. I also think I am going to enjoy spending some time on this forum.

Charlie ("LongColt")
welcome to the show. quite a variety of guns you seem to gravitate too--it is all good
When I turned 21, I purchased my first firearm (a Walther PPK/S .380 which I traded in on a Python in 1979). I decided to try to buy one new gun a year, and over the decades I have pretty much done that, with some years having no purchases and other years having two or more buys.

Since I liked handguns more than rifles or shotguns, I ended up with what I guess you could call "a representative sampling" of revolvers and automatics.

Oh yeah, I regret every gun I every sold or traded away.

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