Jigs needed?


Hey fellas, if anyone else has some 1911 jigs used they might want to sell, let me know!

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Thanks for the tip. We used to do that with a zippo years ago. I like the plumber's candle idea way better and at a quarter the thickness I can be more precise.
Already responded, but didn't explain why. The above methods work, but rubs off to easy, hard to distinguish light from heavy contact sometimes. IMO


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I can also suggest short-term courses at one of several NRA gunsmith schools. I have personally attended classes on various aspects of 1911s (and other things) at Murray State College in Tishomingo, OK and Montgomery Community College in Troy, NC. There is also Lassen College in northern CA and Trinidad State in Trinidad, NM.

These are full-time gunsmithing schools with two- or three-year programs. Most of them offer a variety of 1- to 2-week courses in spring and summer, often taught by visiting experts but sometimes by staff. There is usually a 1911-intensive course taught by one or more of the schools each year.

I took an excellent 1911 DFR course last year, as well as a two-week course on precision and competition 1911 building. There was a lot of focus on proper use of jigs and fixtures.

One advantage of these schools is the facility. I felt it really helped to be in a school where there is a working machine shop with 8-12 knee mills, a dozen lathes, surface grinders, buffers, etc. I pretty much had my own mill, and a lathe anytime I needed it. Plus there’s multiples of almost everything - indicators, workholding jigs, etc.

Then there is the cost. Tuition is $200-$300 per week. It is an amazing value, in my opinion.

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My advice, not that you are asking, but I'll give it anyway, don't. Not unless you get some serious training on the pistol platform, which honestly takes years to master properly.

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