FOR SALE Ithaca 1944 Manufactured 1911A1


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Sep 9, 2020
I am selling my WWII Ithaca to fund a Long Slide 10mm 1911. I hate to do this but I do have several 1911s in 45 & 9mm and I really want a Long Slide 10mm.

If you have any questions please message me.

Ithaca Manufactured 1911A1

Serial Number: 1877XXX

Date of Manufacture: 1944

Left Side of Frame: “FJA” Inspectors Mark & “P” Proof

Right Side of Frame: Ordnance Wheel, United States Property, 1911A1, 1877XXX, A 10 80

Left Trigger Guard: Ithaca Proof Mark

Right Trigger Guard: “5” Stamp

Hammer: Short, Flat, Checkered

Trigger: Short, Stamped, Checkered

Slide Stop: 1911A1, Serrated

Grip Safety: Long

Main Spring: Arched, Grooved

Magazine Catch: Milled

Barrel: Manufacturer is High Standard, 1911A1, Parkerized

Barrel Markings: “P” Proof Mark on Left Side, “HS” Stamp on Right Side

Slide: Ithaca Manufactured

Front Site: Wide

Rear Site: Square Notch

Recoil Spring: Checkered

Plug: Notched

Slide Markings: Ithaca Roll Marks on Left Side, Top is “P” Proof Marked, Right Side N/A


Overall: Mint to Excellent

Mechanical: Excellent

Bore: Mint to Excellent

Finish: 95%

Heat Treated Colors: Front of Slide & Stop Notch

There are spots of Brown Dried Grease on several spots of this 1911A1. There is no rust. I have never Racked this 1911 since I purchased it and neither has my Dealer when he received it.

Comes with One (1) Mint GI Magazine.

Price is $2,500.00 Shipped to FFL/C&R. Payment must be made with US Postal Service Money Orders Only. No other form of payment other than Cash will be accepted.

Your FFL Must except shipments from Non_FFL Sellers or there will be an additional $50.00 FFL fee at my end.

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