In Case Next Week Goes South...

I ordered a case of 9mm this week. You never know when the next shortage or panic buy will hit.
Just in case next week goes south.... & stays there for a bit. I'm sittin on (1 1/2 cases .223/5.56), (2 cases of 9mm), (1+ case of .45) & (3/4 case of .380)

oh yeah... and a measly 300 rds of my new size (.380 super)
I pick up ammo every time that I see a "can't pass it up" price.

My current stash:
1800 - 380acp
6500 - 9mm
4100 - 357 sig
800 - 10mm
1200 - 45acp
6000 - 5.56

Hmm...when I type it out it may seem a little crazy....
More than I have but I try to keep at least 1000 rounds of every caliber I use, except 22 I have tons of 22
Vetlag. I think you're a little short on .45 ACP! My "stash" includes enough components to load several 1000 rounds each of 9mm, 38 Special, 38 Super, and 45 ACP. Rounds on hand count is 12,000 +. I think that qualifies me as a "hoarder". Given the current political climate that probably isn't a bad thing. Molon Labe!
No worries. Dems won't win super majority in Senate and Trump would never sign a bill legislating against lawful gun owners.

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Picked up 1700 rounds of .22 and 300 of 9mm over the weekend to avoid a potential panic. Now it looks like we've got ~2 years to get our ammo and component situation squared away.

Now I have to keep my STAS* at bay until I feel better about the fodder I need to feed them.

* Shiny Thing Acquisition Syndrome
Wouldn’t another SCJ be great! I don’t wish anyone ill will but she could step down for health reasons and free up another spot.

Reminds me of the a$$hats at work that have 40 years in and brag about over a $1million saved for retirement but won’t freakin retire as the company us laying off the younger people! They stay because it’s easy money they’re not expected to do anything because they’ve been there so long so why would they leave?! I blame it on management (government is the same way) once you’ve outlived your usefulness and are set in life on! Please!
If only she would! Unfortunately she will not unless it is in a box just to be blunt...

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