New Fanatic
Jun 26, 2019
Hey there, 1911 fans! I'm John. Back when I had a full head of hair, I was shooting with some coworkers and letting each other try our boomsticks. Everyone liked my Smith 659 fine, and I thought it was awesome...
Until Scottie let me try his Remington Rand 1911, his Grandpa's service pistol in WW II.

WOW!!! Shot to point of aim, never missed a beat. Hmmmm. I LIKE IT!!! Nothing fits my hand better, nothing points more naturally, there's no pistol I can shoot better.

I'm hooked. Small groups to all of you!
And a hope none of us ever have to use our sidearms in anger, but that we're never without them should "the worst day of our life" come.

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