Sold/Expired Guncrafter No Name CCO 9mm


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Jul 14, 2018
Well I can't believe I'm doing this but... I'm putting both of my GI No Name CCO's up for sale. They are both absolutely beautiful and shoot like a dream, but I've just decided I'm perfectly happy with my Dan Wessons and Wilson X-TAC. As a bonus, it frees up cash for other things :)

Ok, 1st up is a practically brand new 9mm, not a mark on it!!
* Build date 9-19-18
* Was purchased new in December. Original price was $3400
* Was unfired when I got it, other than the GI test shots.
* I put exactly 150 rounds through it. Not a single malfunction.
* Comes in the original bag with the test target, satisfaction guarantee from GI, GI towel, 2 Wilson Combat mags, and a 2nd recoil spring.

Price is $2850 shipped to your FFL

I accept PayPal Friends and Family or a certified bank check.
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