Sold/Expired Greger Forselius Fancy Fixed Blades Available At Excellent Prices


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Jul 31, 2018
I have a number of incredibly beautiful Greger Forselius fancy fixed blades available that are both functional and quite beautiful. If you love fancy 1911s, you will love these knives:

1) Forselius Fancy Flame Damascus Fighter 1095.00 : Knife Specifications: Fancy Flame Damascus Trailing Point Fighter Blade Length: 8" Overall Length: 13" Blade Type: Trailing Point Fighter Blade Composition: Composite Flame Pattern Mosaic Damascus Handle Material: Wonderful combination of natural handle materials Pummel: Carved Pewter


2) Star Force Damascus & Wire Inlaid Puuko 895.00: Knife Specifications: Star Force Damascus & Wire Inlaid Puuko Blade Length: 4.5" Overall Length: 10" Blade Type: Spear Point Blade Composition: Star Force Multi Mosaic Damascus Handle Material: Musk Ox, Birch and pewter wire inlay Storage: Hand Stitched, Fitted and hand tooled Rawhide Sheath


3) Greger Foselius Feather Damascus & Fossil Walrus Fighter 950.00: Knife Specifications: Feather Damascus & Fossil Walrus Fighter Blade Length: 5.75" Overall Length: 11 1/8" Blade Type: Fighter Blade Composition: Mosaic Damascus Handle Material: Birch Bark, fossil walrus ivory, silver spacers Bolsters: Damascus Storage: Hand tooled Rawhide Sheath


4) Greger Foselius Scrimmed Warthog & Damascus Fighter 995.00: Knife Specifications: Scrimmed Damascus & Warthog Fighter Blade Length: 7" Overall Length: 12" Blade Type: Fighter with Double Grind Blade Composition: Ladder Pattern Damascus Handle Material: Birch, Warthog, Pewter & Silver Bolsters: Warthog Tusk Storage: Hand Stitched, Fitted Rawhide Sheath


Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information, or checkout .

Thanks for looking.