Greetings from the twilight zone


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Oct 16, 2018
"Hello Gentlemen"...
From an early age I have been a gun owner & my tools have served me well both domestically & abroad. When quite young I saw a poster that stated "Guns don't kill people, people kill people ".
I thought about it for a long time & realized the truth in it.
I have endured many challenges to my rights to tool ownership over the years & know if it weren't for my use of these tools, I would not be here today.
I could go on & on citing many examples of political & rational reasons for owning many of my tools, but alas, I am new to this site & do not want to come crashing in too strong. (Ha,ha)
Instead my desire is to share experiences, knowledge, opinions, & intelligent conversation with
like minded others on the subject of one of my favorite tools "the gun".
Thanks everyone.
Peace ✌ ...................... Buzz*
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