Good Weekend!


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Jun 8, 2018
So, I am home, doing laundry, getting ready to clean a dirty 1911. 7 hours or so driving, nice cut on my thumb, a broken steel target, great food and spending time with my friend. Trying to decide if my shoulder needs ice or heat. Or maybe another beer..

Good stuff, went to south Louisiana to reload and shoot. Love the range down there. Actually seeing improvement on my shooting goals was a big plus as well.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well.
Well, the shoulder is an ongoing thing, I just deal with it as I can. But I agree, some minor pain and such is no bid deal after some good time at the range.
Range is a good thing. Shoulder is not, i don't know how old you are i had a full shoulder replacement when i was 75 now at 78 i still have a hard time racking a slide. So take care of that shoulder.
I live in Northeast LA, do most of my shooting at the Lake Charles Gun Club. I lived in Alexandria for a while years ago.

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