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George McBride

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Nov 21, 2018
I've been a BIG fan of the 1911 since I was first introduced to a Government model in 1958. Since then, I've trained up on them enough to shoot in competition and really enjoy just plain plinking. My Gold Cup is an absolute joy to shoot and I found myself
both loving and hating my Officer's model since I got it. It was 2nd hand and the previous owner put a beaver tail on it that bit almost as bad as the hammer itself would have !! A buddy of mine had a milling machine and cut a relief groove across the width of the beavertail and that took the bite out of it instantly. My favorite is my Series 70 that was tuned up by the Wilson shop with some fabulous work and additions.

Over the years I've learned a great deal about tuning a 1911 and have amassed several honing stones including trigger track stones which can really help clean up a sticky or crunchy trigger. I built one from a stainless bare frame that my son absolutely cherishes and the first "great deal" slide I put one had a little problem of not being horizontally centered when the barrel channel was cut !! Have to admit I never thought to check that before I put it together. I bought a barrel alignment gauge (Brownell's 080-804-045WB) which quickly told me I needed a "high quality" slide which made that 1911 hit where it was aimed. Now, my son won't even let me have it long enough to check it over properly or "tune" it up a little more.

Some years back, I also became a 10mm aficionado and just may have to find a Delta Elite that someone could be talked out of.

The Collector

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Sep 14, 2018
Welcome to the forum..... I'm sure that you will both gain & share knowledge.... which is the best part of these types of forums.

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