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Jun 8, 2018
I don't have a gun to fit this holster any more, so thought one of you might be interested. This is a holster and single mag holder made for me by Jason Winnie. I love this holster, it is very thick as you can see in the picture with the regular brown leather holster. Very comfortable, it just does not work for my DW, as the crown sticks out just a tad. It works great with a WC EP or Stealth, I carried with one of those guns with it for a couple of years, almost no wear on the holster.

Due to my job, I want a bit more protection of the barrel crown...

I will consider trades for Milt Sparks full sized OWB holster, or one for a Commander 4.25" (DW PM-C size). Or other brands. The stainless gun in the photos is my DW, the black gun is a WC EP. ( for size comparison).

Thinking $155 shipped to the lower 48. I think I paid a little over $300 for this, and as you can see, it is very tough, no noticeable wear on the holster. IMG 0285IMG 0286IMG 0287IMG 0288IMG 0290IMG 0292IMG 0293
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