Sold/Expired Ed Brown Molon Labe 45acp


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Jun 30, 2018
On a quest for my grail gun so a few things need to go...
First up is my Ed Brown Molon Labe 45acp battle pistol. This is one of the original models produced in 2011 thru 2012.

Ed Brown Specifications:
• Classic 1911 design, 5" Government model, steel frame and slide.
• Ed Brown magwell for rapid magazine changes
• Hand fit and assembled by master pistolsmiths.
• Front and rear cocking serrations.
• "Molon Labe" in Greek letters engraved on the left side of the slide. “Molon Labe," Translated as "Come and Take Them" was attributed by Plutarch to King Leonidas of the Spartans as his response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans lay down their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C
• The famous Spartan battle helmet is engraved in the custom G10 grips.
• Ed Brown's custom snakeskin treatment on the front strap and mainspring housing for both comfort and a rock-solid grip in any situation.
• Tritium front night sight. Tritium only in the front sight allows for faster and more reflexive close quarters response in low-light situations.
• Wide (.156) U notch, plain black rear sight by 10-8 Performance. The wide notch provides faster front sight acquisition at typical handgun fighting distances or competition. It's also great for older shooters whose eyes may not be quite as sharp as they once were. The rear of the sight is serrated to prevent glare across the back of the rear sight.
• Solid aluminum trigger. • Slide stop is serrated on bottom, which matches serrations on top of slide stop.
• Ed Brown's famous high-rise beavertail grip safety with memory grooves.
• Single side thumb safety.
• Pistol is finished with Ed Brown's high quality black "Gen III" coating for appeal and wear resistance.

I am the 2nd owner of this fine pistol, purchased it off GunBroker several years ago. It came with no build sheet or test target, just the owner's manual. It appears to have a couple of factory options. First is the lack of FCS, front cocking serrations. And the front sight is a gold bead, not a tritium night sight. It will come with the pictured (4) EB magazines, owner's manual and EB range bag. The overall condition is excellent showing only minor wear where expected. Performance has been flawless, no issues. Total round count estimated to be less than 2K.
Price is $SOLD which will include insured FFL to FFL shipment. Not looking for trades, I have enough. Cross posted on other forums...
Accepted payment methods are bank issued certified check, USPS money order(s) or personal check if we have done business before. Regardless of payment method it must be posted to my bank account prior to shipment. I would be willing to offer an "Up To 60 Day Layaway" payment schedule...
ONLY UNFIRED returns accepted if notified within 3 business days of FFL receipt. No refund for sellers shipping costs and the Buyer is responsible for all FFL to FFL return shipping fees.
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Nov 13, 2018
Youre killing me with this....



Love it wish I had my Man money account built back up from the Christmas PURGE ….
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