Dick Casull RIP


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Mar 30, 2018
Richard J. "Dick" Casull (February 15, 1931 – May 6, 2018) was a Utah-born gunsmith and wildcat cartridge developer whose experiments with .45 Colt ammunition in the 1950s led to the creation of the .454 Casull cartridge. Casull’s passion were six-shooters, and he was determined to create a high velocity round for the .45 Colt. His goal was to achieve a muzzle velocity of 2,000 feet per second with Colt .45 rounds fired from a single-action Army-style revolver with a 7 ½ inch barrel. This proved impossible due to the tensile strength of the Colt .45 cylinder, so he set out to develop his own casing and bullet.

I just learned of Dick Casull's Passing. I’ve shot a good bit of 454 Casull over the years, a friend is a big revolver guy.

He I’ll be missed.....